Ranking. What is the best oil for hair?

How to take care of hair? What is the best method for healthy and beautiful hair, which will fall down your shoulders with stunning wavy waterfall? The key to success is in natural hair oils. Hair oiling trend did not came to existence out of thin air. Find out why is it worth to trust oils with your hair. Meet the best oils for hair of the last moths.

Hair health has direct impact on its appearance. What you see on the outside, comes from within. If hair is hydrated and does not lack any nourishing substances, it is smooth, glossy and strong. Healthy hair does not cause any problems and is easy in stylisation. Try hair oil treatment and forget about “bad hair day”.

Hair needs…

… your attention, most of all. You cannot just leave it be, because then it will never look healthy and beautiful. Each day countless unfavourable factors impact it, and you need to limit those. You have to also remember to protect your hair. Natural oils for hair help protect against harmful impact of:

  • high temperature, e.g. during the stylisation,
  • atmospheric factors (wind, freeze, humidity),
  • sun radiation, i.e. UV,
  • weighting down treatments, e.g. colourisation, permanent wave,
  • diseases, allergic reactions or hormones, etc.

Hair care at first seems problematic. Application of oil on hair is associated with difficult and time consuming task. Nothing more wrong than that. The hair wash itself, even if performed correctly, is not enough. Cleanse of hair and scalp is really important, but in the process natural lipid barrier is weaken. You should take care of its restoration. The answer to whether hair care is important is: of course, it is!

Below are presented the best oils for hair of the past months. It is worth to take them into consideration if you consider trying the adventure with hair oiling


It is easy to notice that Nanoil hair oil is different than other cosmetics. The name indicates that it was created for hair with various porosity types – from low to high. Nanoil hair oil is the only cosmetic designed for hair with a different structure that

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Nanoil 100% Argan Oil

Oil for all hair types, including dry, thin, fragile, weak, damaged, aging hair. If you’re seeking pure finest-quality organic certified oil without needless additives – you’re in the right place. Nanoil Argan Oil provides the standard of hair care that is going to meet your taste and

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Nourishing oil for hair with gloss restoration As the name indicates, this product by Macadamia Professional is based on precious macadamia nut oil. This is one interesting oil, which you can find in many cosmetics. Mostly thanks to this oil, all Macadamia hair oils, including Nourishing Moisture

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Nanoil 100% Avocado Oil

Oil for weak, thinning, brittle, harshly damaged, sensitised hair and delicate scalp prone to allergies and atopic dermatitis. Nanoil Avocado Oil has 50 ml. How does Nanoil Avocado Oil work? Avocado Oil is one of six most popular beauty oils used for hair care (as well as

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Oil for all hair types If you look for oil, which prestige comes hand in hand with effectiveness, then your search is over. Moroccanoil Treatment Original is based on the best Moroccan ingredients. Beloved by hairdresser’s brand, loved by millions of women all over the world. In

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Versatile oil for hair Hair collection Elixir Ultime by Kerastase is a must have proposition in hair salons. Hair oils from this brand amaze women all around the world. It is a tempting promise of beautiful hair, that you can gain thanks to this luxurious oil complex.

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Smoothing hair oil against frizzing Kendi Oil Ultimate Frizz Control is a hair oil by Alterna, which is a true synonym for professional and ecological approach to cosmetic production. This is why Bamboo Smooth has such a curious formula and action, loved by world famous hair stylists.

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Hair oil for all hair types Cosmetics by Goldwell are a touch of luxury. If you dream of stunning, glossy strands, then hair oil from this brand can be great solution. It is based on ingredients from far and exotic countries, so it is a favourite to

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Conditioning oil for frizzing hair Beauty ritual for hair is provided by Orofluido oils. Revlon did everything in its power to make this product look very elegant. This is a pinch of luxury for hair, where in pink version of Orofluido Asia Zen Control it derives from

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Hair serum with oils CHI Argan Oil + Moringa Oil is a hair oil created for much easier professional care. Serum, just like conditioner and shampoo in this line, works thanks to two African vegetable oils and this makes it the perfect solution for damaged and matte

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Hair oiling

What is natural oil impact on hair? To answer this, you must know its specification. Hair oils are most of all great source of precious micro and macro elements, which are essential to hair. They are also rich in essential fatty acids, the unsaturated and saturated. All These substances and lots of invaluable vitamins are delivered to hair in hair oiling. They penetrate inner structures and are responsible for its health.

Hair oil treatment is known for ages. It became popular thanks to bloggers and cosmetic manufacturers. In the past, benefits from hair oiling were known in the Middle and Far East. In Ayurveda, i.e. Indian natural medicine, vegetable oils are a key ingredient. From medicine it shifted to hair care.

The secret to beautiful hair of Asian women was discovered. Women in Saudi Arabia, India and countries with similar culture love hair oils. They use it everyday. No special hair conditioners, serum or expensive treatments are needed, because all these things can be replaced by oil. If matched with hair types, can work true wonders.

How do hair oils work? Right hair oil:

  • Supports proper hydration level.
  • Seals hair cuticles.
  • Complements deficits of nourishing ingredients.
  • Strengthens hair and prevents breakage.
  • Calms allergy and irritated scalp.
  • Eliminates problem of excess hair loss.
  • Stimulates hair growth.
  • Emphasises hair colour, smoothers and provides gloss.

Hair oiling. Is it truly effective?

Hair oil treatment is believed to be the most effective hair care method. There is no doubt as to the fact that hair oil have beneficial impact on hair condition, therefore, its appearance. Hair oils action is a result of combining several factors. You must remember that not every oil is going to work on your hair the same way. Of great significance is:

  • determining correct porosity of the hair, which is a condition for oil absorption,
  • choice of oils that go along perfectly with your hair,
  • use of products exclusively based on the best and perfectly chosen oils,
  • hair oil treatment performed with the method that suits hair needs.

Only if you take care of all aspects, you can expect looked-for results. The effectiveness of hair oiling will be lower, if you buy the first hair oil you lay your eyes on and without giving it much thought, you apply it to your hair. Incorrect oil application, using too much or hair oil treatment with oils that hold wrong fatty acid, can prove counter-productive. Proper oils for hair are the beginning of effective care.