Healthy and beautiful hair is worth your trust to natural oils. These are vegetable substances, which were used by women in all regions of the world for ages. They know that hair oiling is entirely natural and safe way to improve hair condition.

It provides nourishment, strengthening, smoother, gloss and hundreds of different effects.

Meet the best hair oil treatment methods and find out how to correctly perform it. Contrary to the appearances, it is nothing difficult, despite of hair oil treatment having several different methods. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages worth trying on your hair. Get acquainted with basic hair oiling techniques and choose the one that suits your needs.

What hair oil treatment methods are out there?

Dry hair oil treatment

In this case, oil is applied on dry strands. You can do it before hair wash, e.g. an hour or two earlier. Then you provide hair with time for the absorption of oil and all the precious nourishing ingredients. This intense treatment prior to hair wash is advised, when hair is showing signs of requiring deep regeneration. If you want only to smoother hair style, make combing easier or ensure glossy finish, apply oil on dry hair after the stylisation.

  • this is a method that takes little time,
  • works great when you want to keep oil on hair overnight,
  • perfect for light oils with fast absorption (e.g. marula oil).

Wet hair oil treatment

This hair oiling technique is chosen much more often, because it provides even more effective action. It is all due to the water properties, which helps with the transport of nourishing substances into the inner hair structure. Using warm water on hair, causes hair cuticles to raise, so hair cooperates better with oil. You can wet hair before hair wash and apply oil for a longer time. However, it is more frequently done after hair wash, on still damp strands, right before the stylisation and drying.

  • the best method if you expect intense action,
  • more effective when performed overnight,
  • perfect method for thick oils, which absorption is supported by the water.

Hair oil treatment in the bowl

It is said that hair oiling in the bowl ensures the best results, but in fact it is rarely used technique. It is time consuming, because before oiling you need to take care of a place and tools for the treatment. To a bowl with warm water add oil mix in the amount you find suitable. Only then you dip hair in a bowl for several minutes, so that oils have possibility to be absorbed and work. A bit tiresome, but results are similar to the one obtained with longer (e.g. overnight) wet hair oil treatment.

  • one of the most time consuming techniques,
  • provides perfect, even distribution on hair,
  • hair oiling in the bowl are faster to observe and more effective.

Hair oil treatment with oil mist

Fourth and the least popular method is hair oil treatment with oil mist. In this case effects are less impressive, however, the application is quick and problem free. You just have to prepare oil mist in the bottle with an atomiser (e.g. water with your favourite oil mix) and spray hair before or after the hair wash, or during the day. Atomiser will gently and evenly cover hair with small amount of the product, so it is great for providing gloss and easier combing.

  • provides delicate conditioning action, less regeneration,
  • perfect for use throughout the day, when you want to ensure hair with some gloss,
  • this method is less time consuming and very convenient.

What hair oiling method should you choose?

The greatest advantage of hair oils is their universal use and lack of strict rules. The four basic hair oiling techniques can be modified as you wish and combined with each other. If among the above mentioned methods none suits your needs, take something form the first, second and third. You can, e.g. perform hair oil treatment with oil mist on wet hair – you will cover hair with light oil mix, while water is going to allow all the precious ingredients to penetrate inner hair structures.

You can adjust hair oiling to yourself. If you have little time, apply oil right after hair wash and soaking the hair of the excess water. Rinse it after several minutes, before you manage to apply the body balm. You will be done with effective nourishment in no time. If you have a bit more time, execute overnight hair oiling for intense regeneration and better effect. Recommended particularly for damaged hair. For these women who do not like to get messy with the oil, best will be hair oiling in the bowl or oil mist.