Oil for all hair types

If you look for oil, which prestige comes hand in hand with effectiveness, then your search is over. Moroccanoil Treatment Original is based on the best Moroccan ingredients. Beloved by hairdresser’s brand, loved by millions of women all over the world.

In the ranking it takes quite high place, despite also possessing some downsides. Meet Moroccanoil Hair Oil.

Oil available in two volume versions: 25 ml/0.8 fl. oz. and 100 ml/3.4 fl. oz.

How does Moroccanoil work?

Moroccanoil Treatment Original works as a conditioning and beautifying treatment for all hair types. It provides healthy gloss and silky smoother. Moroccanoil hair oil used interchangeably with hair conditioner is great for stylisation. Makes combing, drying and stylisation easier, but also provides great finish to every hairstyle.

Argan oil with antioxidant properties has beneficial impact on hair health. Regular use of Moroccanoil Treatment Original makes your hair more glossy, smooth and stronger. It looks younger, because you deliver it with all the essential nourishing substances. Moroccanoil hair oil in a complex way takes care of moisture, nourishment and strengthening. Great condition of hair impacts its health.

However, many opinions indicate that oil from this brand is not suitable for long lasting treatment. After some time it can cause frizz and make hair matte and rough due to silicones present in the composition. What is more, it does not have any particular regenerating action. You cannot expect the wow effect from it, which is probably what you would want when paying so much for something.

What hair oils in the composition?

Moroccanoil Treatment Original is a pioneering oil with argan oil as a base. This oil was the one to begin the World trend for use of Moroccan ingredient in hair care treatments. This is the only oil in the composition. Beside the oil, Moroccan Original contains linseed extract, silicones (in high amounts) and preservatives.

What should you know about Moroccanoil Treatment?


Moroccanoil is a runny and slightly golden liquid. You have to be careful when pouring it on the hand to not overdo it. Luckily, the set was complemented with replaceable top, which you can change with a pump. Thanks to it getting right amount of this oil becomes much easier. Great advantage of Moroccanoil Treatment Original is its scent, which is really nice.


A bottle made of dark glass and sky blue labels are characteristic thing for Moroccanoil. Dark glass is expected to protect cosmetic against loss of its properties due to sun exposure. Natural oils should be stored in dark places. Unfortunately, glass and greasy oil are a bad combination, which can result with broken bottle on the bathroom floor.


Application of Moroccanoil Treatment is standard for oils. The only difference is that manufacturer recommends applying it on washed hair, avoiding scalp. On damp hair, product will work like an intense treatment, in case of application on dry hair it will tame unruly hair and nourish dry ends.


based on argan oil, available in two sizes, recommended by hair stylists, great in conditioning hair, light-weight texture, easy application thanks to the pump, truly stunning fragrance


costs way too much, only one oil in the composition, silicones, glass and easy to break bottle, long lasting application on hair can be unfavourable, runny consistency, not suitable for the scalp