Nanoil - the best hair oilIt is easy to notice that Nanoil hair oil is different than other cosmetics. The name indicates that it was created for hair with various porosity types – from low to high. Nanoil hair oil is the only cosmetic designed for hair with a different structure that mostly causes the hair problems. That is the greatest advantage of Nanoil hair oil. Women love this product for the efficiency and naturalness, which are the result of a perfect formula. There is an important reason behind the three hair oil versions.

You can also reach for conditioning welfare of conscious hair oil treatment.

Hair oil available in one volume version: 100 ml/3.4 fl. oz.

How does Nanoil hair oil work?

All properties of Nanoil hair oil are an effect of the natural oils, which particle size and content of fatty acids match three hair porosity types. It was created for hair, but not only to improve its appearance. Nanoil hair oil is a precise treatment that penetrates inner hair structures, nourishes, hydrates and strengthens no matter the condition.

Considering the level of damage hair suffers, you can choose out of three versions of Nanoil hair oil. Each of them matches one of three porosity types.

  • For less damaged is Nanoil for low porosity hair.
  • For visibly weak is Nanoil for medium porosity hair.
  • For extremely damaged is Nanoil for high porosity hair.

What is the most important asset of all Nanoil hair oils? Its simultaneous scalp and hair care. Here’s the secret to effective hair oil treatment. Hair can regain health, be stronger and look beautiful only when product – such as Nanoil hair oil – will have versatile action.

Nanoil for low porosity hair takes care of the scalp and limits greasy roots, so it regulates sebum secretion. It provides hair with the volume boost and facilitates styling because it protects against heat and enhances the action of styling cosmetics. Nanoil hair oil stimulates hair growth and speeds up drying time because oil forces out the excess water. At the same time, Nanoil hair oil prevents excess water loss due to dryness caused by the sun.

Nanoil for medium porosity hair strengthens, nourishes and controls hydration level by sealing the water-lipid layer. It prevents frizzy hair, flyaways and makes hair shaft stronger. This way hair is less brittle; there are no split ends and hair stop falling out excessively. Nanoil hair oil also stimulates hair growth, ensures gloss and smoother, and that translates into easier combing and more disciplined hair with a visibly enhanced coil.

Nanoil for high porosity hair deeply regenerates and repairs damages to the keratin structure. It seals hair cuticles, so it limits excess loss of water and nutrients. Hair gain elasticity, softness and smoother, break less and is stronger. It prevents dandruff because regulates work of sebaceous glands and scalp pH while preventing split ends. Nanoil hair oil inhibits hair loss, stimulates new hair growth, and most of all protect against unfavorable factors (also against harmful styling).

What oils in the composition?

Detailed information on components in each of Nanoil hair oils can be found on the official webpage. You can also purchase there the original Nanoil hair oil.
An innovative formula is a mix of the best and natural oils that match hair structure and additional vitamins, nutrients, and substances for hair growth stimulation. The entire formula is free from paraben, silicone and artificial aromas. Nanoil hair oil is perfectly designed cosmetic, rich in essential fatty acids (also omega acids). Every ingredient was carefully selected and was most certainly used in Nanoil for a good reason.

The composition of Nanoil hair oils looks as follows:

  • Nanoil for low porosity hair contains cupuacu butter, castor oil, argan oil, pine oil, shea butter, monoi oil, babassu butter, passion fruit oil and coconut oil, but also kerastim, baicapil, vitamins E and A, Panthenol and UV filter;
  • Nanoil for medium porosity hair contains macadamia oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, marula oil, argan oil, passion fruit oil and kerastim, baicapil, vitamins A and E, silk and UV filter;
  • Nanoil for high porosity hair contains argan oil, cottonseed oil, passion fruit oil, avocado oil, evening primrose oil and sweet almond oil, but also kerastim, baicapil, vitamin E, lanolin, silk, panthenol, UV filter and keratin.

What should you know about Nanoil hair oil?


Feather-light and fast absorbing right after application. Doe does not weight hair down, no greasiness or clumping. Nanoil hair oil is clear, there is no expressive color, and it beautifully coats hair with a nice scent.


Nanoil hair oil is an elegant cosmetic. It has dark glass and very solid bottle with a wide golden pump. The cap is made with natural wood and decorated with a curved drop. On the back of the bottle was placed marker for easier control of usage in spite of non-transparent packaging. The entire product looks luxurious.


The only such cosmetic that can be applied like natural oils. It works perfectly for hair oil treatment performed various methods (dry, wet, hot, overnight), as an addition to other cosmetics or as a styling product. It can be used both before and after hair wash. Nanoil hair oil does not require rinsing.


combines the best natural oils, consists of additional vitamins and substances, UV filter, various application methods, suitable for all needs of various porosity types, can be used in both hair and scalp, light-weight formula for fine strands, coats hair with gentle fragrance, application on wet and dry hair, strengthens and restores, protects against unfavourable factors, provides opulent gloss and silky softness, works on the surface and the inner hair structures, is efficient, has elegant packaging


heavy bottle, it is easy to leave finger imprints all over the bottle